dallage pour piscine
dallage exterieur

We recommend cementing for all our paving. This is done on a floating screed 2.5cm from the finished level (2cm thick flags). A laying plan is provided to help with installation.

Installation and maintenance of pavement pool

Naffre offers natural stone paving to ask around your pool and easy to maintain. For laying your paving natural stone requires a slight slope towards the outside of the pool for drainage; The pool paving natural stone requires minimal maintenance. While a reconstituted stone paving should be treated every year or two years with a protective product to the waterproofing. It was five years ago, the Mediterranean style was popular for pool paving. Currently, the style is clean, simple and a pool paving is preferred in shades of gray.


Map of laying

Here is an exampple of installation plan (notebook) to facilitate the work of the tile during installation. (Click to zoom)


All our paving is custom-made from plans. Depending on the period or the style you have chosen, the paving will be perfectly suited to your home, in accordance with the best practice of grand designers of times past. This can be seen in the Jacques Cœur, Charles Vll and Agnès Sorel paving.

fabricant de dallage