Natural stones finish

  • Antique finish +

    pierre naturelle pour terrasse

    The surface appearance is soft and satin-like. The light wearing movement, combined with finely chiselled edges, gives this finish exceptional authenticity. All the flags in the antique range are authenticated by our brand name. This is your guarantee of the care involved in producing this range.
    • Restoration of historic monuments - Renovation - Rehabilitation – Old and contemporary style constructions.
    • Interior / Exterior

  • Rustic finish +

    dallage rustique

    The surface appearance is dimpled and lightly grooved, giving it a good anti-slip quality for outdoors. The edges are chiselled and the surface is flat.
    Utilisation :
    • Exterior only

  • Traditional finish +

    dallage ancien

    The surface appearance is soft and satin-like (even a peach skin or velvety look). The surface is perfectly flat, with
    straight edges.
    Utilisation :
    • Old-style and contemporary.
    • Interior / Exterior

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Whether you are attracted to an old-style look or whether your interior is right up-to-date, if you have decided to renovate your yard or if your project involves the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, Atelier Naffre offers 3 types of finish for each of its flagstones:


Antique finish

dallage en marbre

Traditional finish

dallage en pierre naturelle

Rustic finish

finition dallage piscine