carrelage ancien

A treatment that has proved its worth.

Freshly-sawn stone is always white and porous. Calcin is the natural stone patina that forms on the surface through oxidation from contact with air and rubbed areas. Without treatment, it would take decades for the stone to take on this attractive and delicate satin effect that gives it so much charm. Furthermore, it protects your paving and makes it easier to clean.


dallage en pierre ancienne

The patina and protection treatment

Le traitement de patine et de protection des pierres de Bourgogne

• Immediately gives the stone a hundred-year old appearance.
• Efficiently protects the surface of your flags, preventing any stains from penetrating.

Our perfect knowledge of stone and how it reacts to time and aggression has enabled us to develop a special purpose treatment for our flags. The result of a long tradition, it gives both patina and protection to treated flags.

dallage rustique
Dallage en pierre naturelle

Careful application in our workshop.